YourArcSquarev1ARC = Attitude, Reputation, Commitment

In this training you will learn the great significance of great character required for great leadership.

 Most people want to be an influence. Most want to make a significant difference in their world.

One thing many people, who want to be leaders, fail to realize is that character is the number one need to be a great influence. Some people can draw others by charisma, looks, maybe even skills but the followers will soon fall away if the leader does not possess the character to care, connect and converse with the followers.

Brian teaches on (A) Attitude,  (R) Reputation , (C) Commitment – Your ARC.  The workshop raises questions about the reach of your ARC, the power of your ARC and the influence of your ARC.  Do you tend to zap people in such a way they avoid you or do you zap them with such a positive charge they draw near to you?

You determine your attitude in response to each situation. You build your reputation with each word spoken and action taken.  And commitment will determine the depth of your character and the determination for success.

 This one seminar has the potential to alter the direction of your life , the level of your leadership, the reach of your influence.

Invest in you for  everyone’s benefit – book a seminar now for your organization, business or group.

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