GrowYourLeadershipSkillsSquarev1Leaders who do not have a desire to grow will soon find they are followers.

One common characteristic of all great leaders is they never quit learning, growing, dreaming and expanding.

I realized years ago that to refuse to or neglect learning was a recipe for boredom and death. Every person I have met who desires to continue learning and expanding has a passion that inspires those around them. It makes them an exciting person to be with. They have challenged my own views, perspectives and life.

I agree with John Maxwell when he says there are two kinds of people: those who take you up or take you down.  I want to get on the up people’s elevator.

One author said “leaders are readers.” But they are more than that – they are “inspirators”, not respirators nor defibrillators. As John Maxwell says, if the leader is not growing, what does he have to offer followers? Leaders who flat line are no longer able to add value to others.

Individuals who join the Leadership Gym will flex, grow, expand and become a stronger leader than he or she thought possible.

One of the courses I teach as a certified John Maxwell speaker, trainer and coach is Maxwell’s “Leadership Gold”. Included in that course are 25 key factors that cannot help but enhance your leadership impact and influence.

The Leadership Gym can take you through an exercise program that will help YOU grow as well as those you influence.

To discuss what kind of Gym training you may want or need contact Leadership Gym.