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A popular adage says “do not make a permanent decision based upon temporary emotion.”

Wise advice! Parents use time-outs for their children. Perhaps we as adults also need time-outs. Wise parents parents ensure they are settled and not angry when dealing with their child. One hockey league instituted a policy whereby they will not take a complaint against an official or a coach until after 24 hours.  After the policy was applied, complaints declined by 60% .

Many times financial problems “force” decisions to be made. Anger or fear drive many decisions both in homes and workplaces. “I quit!” Once those words are uttered it is usually too late to take them back.

Three principles that will help you in deciding your future and perhaps the future of others around you should be applied in decision-making. 1) Deal in real time facts. It can be easy to get caught in future or past ideals.  2) Do research but don’t depend wholly on research. The past is not always a good predictor of the future. 3) Use wise “range planning”. Some people are long term dreamers with short term blindness; others have only short term vision. This is where team exploration is valuable.

Make a decision to solve every problem. Change presents problems, staff bring problems, errors cause problems, and life itself creates problems.

If you believe there is a solution to every problem, then it is much easier to find it.

Asking the right questions to understand the problem can also be the right questions to solving it.

The Leadership Gym has the desire to help people ask the right questions, form the right views and seek the right solutions.

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