My dream is to inspire and equip men and women to become leaders of influence. I frequently hear “there is such a lack of good leadership”.

I bring over 30 years of proven success at influencing positive change helping others on their leadership development journey. My life experience is diverse – from air traffic controller and instructor to family counselor, bible college dean, and founder of a highly influential national organization in Canada. This organization  gained thousands of supporters and hundreds of thousands of engaged citizens influencing the culture and laws, hence the nation. After 18 years under Brian’s leadership it is known as the most influential group of its kind in Canada.

My skills have been honed through practical leadership experience combined with mentorship by some of the best leaders in the world, most notably John Maxwell. My passion for helping others reach their goals led me to join the John Maxwell Team. Having John as my personal mentor has provided me with the resources and training to add immeasurable value to you and your team. Other mentors through their speaking and writing include two notable men, Zig Ziglar and Les Brown.

I see a great need for people to be leaders, and leaders to become influencers for the good of others, their organizations and their businesses. I am passionate about helping you, and/or your team, clarify your purpose and reach your goals through deliberate development. Growth that happens by chance is often short lived.

I founded The Leadership Gym Inc. specifically to offer services to add value to people hence organizations.

I strongly believe in this:  “Do today what you can build on tomorrow.” To be a growing and effective leader, one needs to be constantly developing their skills, character and dreams.

I provide training, speaking, resources, and coaching that will give you tools to equip you to become a leader of influence.

Join the Leadership Gym and begin your custom-tailored “workout program” that will empower you to reach your highest potential and dreams.


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