31 01, 2019

How to make wise decisions.

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F. W. Boreham wrote, “There is no intellectual stimulant so
intoxicating as the formation of a noble purpose, the conception of a sudden
resolve, the making of a great decision.”

Did you make a great decision today? How many decisions did
you make today? One “expert” claims the typical person makes about 673.
Accurate or not, we all […]

15 10, 2014

You have a decsion to make.

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You have a decision to make.

Do you know how many decisions you make each day ? Me neither, but lots.

Are you aware of what the foundation is for each decision you make. Upon what did you decide to spend that significant sum of money, or take that vacation. What basis did you have for […]

18 08, 2014

Recover and Test your dream

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What is your unfulfilled dream and purpose in this world?

Many people tell me they had a dream at one time to do or be something. But it never came to pass. Others say they have never had a dream or felt they had any special purpose or destiny.

Did you have a dream at one […]

13 08, 2014

Action and attraction develops people

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INFLUENCE may be defined as the impact of our soul to enthuse and help, or to undermine others. The law of action and recreation, of attraction and repulsion is always at work.

Each time you meet an employee or a friend there is a dynamic occurring. Is it action and attraction?  If it is, your influence will […]

10 03, 2014

Character – coaching is crucial

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How important is your character?

Having looked at leaders who succeed and leader who have failed , one thing seems important : character. As a leader you will encounter numerous things. Experience will help you handle some things. Skills also play a role.

But if your character is lacking people will most often turn away. Attitude, Integrity and […]